10 Day Mastermind

Are you fed up with feeling like a fraud?

Does everyone else seem to have it figured out?

Is that inner critic stopping you from confidently moving forwards?

Let me introduce you to a simple system that changed how I deal with Imposter Syndrome, and so much more...

"Katie is a fantastic coach who is doing wonderful things for the profession.

She is such a genuine, approachable, and down-to-earth person and her coaching methods have really changed my day-to-day life." - Laura Rosewell RVN

"I can think of no-one more capable with whom to trust with any coaching or consultancy needs. You’ll be glad that you did."

 Ian Wolstenholme

Retired Practice Manager/Previously Director Veterinary Management Group

70% of the population is believed to have experienced Imposter Syndrome*

But, what can we do about it?

*International Journal of Behavioral Science

Are you one of these people?

Maybe you've tried some of the following already:



Online advice and ideas

Perhaps you considered a coaching programme?

Still experiencing self-doubt and feeling like you're about to be found out? That success wasn't earned, and that everyone else is doing better?

Sometimes it feels like there's a civil war? It certainly did for me.

You could be the right fit for this...

10 Days

Small, group interactive sessions

6 Masterclasses (Evenings, 60mins) PLUS bonus Q&As

Worksheets & Guidance

New connections

Let me introduce you to the 10-Day Imposter Busting Mastermind...

I am going to introduce 8 people to the mindset methods that changed my life, and that I now share with others to bring about amazing results. I will give you the foundations of what allowed me to move from self-doubt and overwhelming Imposter Syndrome, to phenomenally improve many aspects of my life and beyond.

We will look at the origins of thoughts, the inner critic, and why so many people do and say things that we would never choose. We cover building confidence, self-worth, goal-setting, and how to be your own cheerleader. I will be introducing people to a set of techniques that they can implement on a daily basis, to help them to not only love their work but thrive.

How long would it take you to find something, if you've been looking in the wrong place?

How will this work?

"Katie is a really approachable person, easy to talk to and a super friendly person.

She has helped me to tap into my mind and show me the person I want to be.


I am nearly finished and have been armed with a toolkit to help me in life and with my veterinary career. Thank you, Katie, so much for everything, I really appreciate everything"

Sarah, RVN

"I found Katie at exact time, like a flash from the skies, that I needed her most.  What absolutely convinced me was the fact that Katie went through a very similar story to me. She is a living example of how this works, and it helps. But Katie's amazing feature is her talent – she is incredible! Her kindness and wisdom are outstanding. How she has applied BC on the veterinary profession and through every quotes on her Instagram page or series of videos - she is sharing and helping to re-discover happiness and calm. "

Radka, Veterinary Surgeon

Could you be a good fit?

I'm looking for individuals who are:

  • Open to trying something new for Imposter Syndrome, which has previously had amazing results across a wide variety of people.

  • Looking for fulfillment in their work

  • Keen to build a network of encouragers.

  • Learn more about separating from the internal negative committee

  • You follow me on social media and resonate with my messages.

  • That to more confidence, happiness, and fun in life.

  • Looking to improve their relationships with others.

  • How to tap into feeling 10/10

  • Willing to be wrong about who they think they are. 

My passion is to help people in the veterinary profession that are experiencing Imposter Syndrome and self-doubt. I love seeing my clients grow in confidence, and discover who they really are. However I would never do anyone the disservice of selling a service when it was not the right time for them. I provide hundreds of free resources online, and this mastermind is for those people in the right place to take the next step.

I'm not a medical mental health professional, I'm a mindset coach. There are so many awesome resources from both the NHS and Vetlife for those with unstable mental health concerns. You have my full support, I have been there myself, and maybe we might meet further down the line! If you're keen to be involved, but undergoing more maintenance therapies, I'd just ask for the approval of your clinician to take part (all confidential).

If you want to work 1:1 instead of group work, I still offering ongoing individual coaching!


Investment: £199

Second wave introductory offer: £167

Let's get started...
If you think we'd be a good fit to work together, and you're keen to get involved, please submit an application below. Include as much or as little information as you like.
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