Who is Katie?

Hello new followers,⁣

My name is Katie, I live in beautiful Saddleworth just outside Manchester. I'm a happy space-nerd, obsessed with Gary Vaynerchuk and I love racoons. Getting outside walking makes my heart glow, as does spending time with my partner and our two ridiculously fluffy cats. I love the gym, learning mountain biking, fitness and have done the odd mud run. I'm obsessed with gratitude, its anecdotal and more scientifically proven effects. I come up with new and crazy plans on the regular, and I am fascinated with human potential. I'm passionate about positive mindset techniques and helping others with them too; I trained as a coach, broadband consciousness trainer & in CBT. I've also been mentored and still am, by one of Bob Proctor's top mindset coaches in the world, who I'm lucky to call a good friend. I'm also a vet, who works in small animal practice and has an advanced certificate in internal medicine, I've been lucky to be doing this for eight years now. ⁣

Five years ago, this would have been a very different introduction. I would have started with "my name is Katie, and I'm a vet." All of my worth was on my job title; this was a double edged sword. The profession is amazing, but I left all hobbies behind. I became overworked (on my own terms), feeling like a fraud for any achievement and constantly chasing happiness. I put myself under more stress than clients, colleagues or patients ever did; I chased perfection constantly, staying longer and longer to disaster prevent. My brain looked for things that went wrong, and tortured me, however minuscule they appeared externally. It was mentally and physically unsustainable. I had achievements galore, everything external that I could ever want... but internally, I was in a civil war. I felt like one person went and achieved all this stuff externally, and then internally, I felt like a worthless fraud.⁣

The good news was that through lots of methods, help from courses, coaches, mentors, the GP and harnessing my own mind... my life is totally transformed. I feel lucky every day, hence I constantly try to share what I have learned, both via coaching 1:1 & also with my Instagram.

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