Introducing the "To an amazing vet" series.

I created a sizeable following on Instagram, and off the back of that was receiving messages regularly about how vets and nurses enjoyed sharing my content with others.

This sparked an idea.


One day I started writing all of the words that I wished someone had told me at the beginning of my journey, and these books were born. I give timely reminders of value, taking breaks, stopping the comparison trap and remembering our own value. 

I created versions relevant to vets, vet nurses, vet receptionists and vet students. A donation of £1 from each copy goes to Vetlife (registered charity number 153010).

We're all pretty busy, so these bite sized reads are only 34 pages, and packed with relevant, but comical cat cartoons too, designed by Tatiana Davidova from Creative Market.

Read some of the feedback I've received so far:


"I just had to say that I would love for every vet, vet nurse and actually to human medicine profession to receive the words you have written in this book as we all spend our days helping others but never spend the time to help ourselves or to acknowledge the great things we do and how amazing we are."

"I never ever get emotional at stuff like this... and yet I teared up reading it!"

"Hey, just wanted to send a wee message of thanks - your book arrived today for a vet friend of mine and it’s just amazing, exactly what she needs to hear."

"I'm an RVN and I bought one of each of your books, to give as gifts to a nurse and vet that I think are amazing, and reading through the books made me feel so emotionally proud of myself and these people. I suppose I just wanted to thank you properly for making this available. It's perfect and I can't wait to give them, I know they'll love them as much as I do (I know they frequently doubt themselves in work just like I do). So thank you for making me cry while wrapping gifts."  

"Every vet coming out of vet school should be given one of these and reminded of it too."

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NEW: Thank you: To an amazing healthcare worker

The NHS and all healthcare staff have worked incredibly hard on the frontline. I cannot begin to imagine what they have seen and the challenges endured.

I had many requests to create a version of my books for those working in healthcare. These are for nurses, doctors, healthcare professionals, therapists and more. If I created one for every separate member of this extraordinary field, I'd have no time to dedicate to my clients.

£1 from each copy is currently being donated to NHS Charities Together (registered charity 1186569)