Imposter Syndrome Coaching

Are you sick of constant worry, self doubt and a sense of being about to be found out? 

Do you wish you could silence that pesky negative voice in your head to be able to genuinely love your veterinary job and pursue your passions?

Looking for better work:life balance?

Looking to move forward in your career, but that negative voice just won't seem to let you believe in yourself?

Feel stuck in a proverbial rut?

If yes, I have something that can help you.

My 12 week 1:1 coaching programme will teach you the exact methods that I used to go from constant worrying, apprehension and a sense of impending doom, to knowing exactly how to control my thoughts, having faith in my skills, loving my job and my life. It also transformed my relationships both inside and outside of work, and enabled me to move my career in a direction I never dreamed of previously.


I am a qualified Broadband Consciousness coach, with over a decade of experience in the veterinary profession. With years of training and experience in a variety of mindset modalities and strategies, I am pleased to offer this personalised 12 step course to assist you in moving towards your goals and stepping past Imposter Syndrome.


With 1:1 support, alongside a structured online programme, we work together to keep you accountable and on-track. This is a process engineered to bring you the results that you are looking for, with my support. Real change. I'm invested in you, and helping you to achieve what you want. This is not just monthly check-ins, this is me guiding you through a powerful transformation.

Maybe you an ambitious veterinary professional? You just know that you're destined to do great things, but seem stuck in a proverbial rut? I can help you. Maybe you're looking to start your own business, gain financial freedom and better work:life balance? I can help you too.

I have been coached and mentored myself in my veterinary career, and the results have been phenomenal. I have massively improved my work:life balance, started my own business, pursued my dreams and increased my income multiple folds. I have been lucky to work alongside some of the self-improvement greats, including Bob Proctor, Dr.Spencer Pool, Liz Ivory and Richard Wilkins. I have also completed qualifications in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy.

It starts with making an investment in yourself.

What is involved?

Twelve calls, 60minutes per call.

Following a structured programme.

Online support via WhatsApp. I am on YOUR team.

Worksheets and tasks

Motivation and inspiration!

What will I learn?

You'll solidify and identify your exact goal and wants.

You'll learn about how your brain works currently, and why despite trying techniques, you are still getting the same results.

You will learn about how to unlock the power of your subconscious mind to insane productivity.

You will create and love your self-image and everything involved with it.

You'll learn to love what you do.

You'll improve interactions with other people, colleagues and clients.

You will learn to unlock your full potential; inside the industry and out.

Opportunities for group coaching to make more affordable.

Who is this for?

Vets, nurses and students.

Those who struggle with self-doubt or "Impostor Syndrome" type symptoms.

Those looking to pursue dreams and goals; both veterinary and in the wider world.

Those wishing for guidance and accountability.

Those who feel stagnated or frustrated.

What is this not?

I'm not a medical mental health professional. There are so many awesome resources from both the NHS and Vetlife for those in this position. You have my full support and maybe we might meet further down the line!

Sound good to you?

Drop me an email and we can arrange a call to see if this is the right service for you!

Group Calls

Weekly outlines, tasks and lessons.

1:1 Calls

Solidify your goals and form action plans


Let's both be on the same page and get this done.


Let's break the cycle of ending up back at square one.


"Between 2005 and 2019 I was a practice manager for two small animal veterinary practices in Greater Manchester and worked alongside several clinicians who diligently went about their veterinary business day by day. As one so often sees mentioned in radiographic reporting, most, though capable, were ‘unremarkable’!

Then in 2015 I met Dr Katie Ford.

From the get-go, it was clear that here was a colleague who was comfortable at working collaboratively with the whole practice team, not just within the regular veterinary surgeon “bubble”. I soon realised that Katie had a uniqueness of approach in her role in the clinic. True, it would have been all too easy for her to restrict her skills and talents solely within the consultation room or operating theatre (and those abilities were the “talk of the town” every single day I worked with her; to the extent that I simply could not keep up with her client satisfaction ratings and lost count of the utterances of thanks and gratitude from clients whose lives she touched). Katie was an inspiration to all. I had never before encountered anyone with the ability to understand what makes a first-opinion practice tick beyond the computer price list. She could have been a teacher - gifted as a veterinary nurse student clinical coach and mentor. She could have been a broadcaster - presenting a monthly feature on local radio and reaching out to many pets and their owners who were anxious to visit the vets. She could have been a great speaker - debuting the first study on the use of capsule endoscopy at a major UK veterinary congress, or sell-out practice client evenings talking about pet health and welfare issues in a no-frills, common sense manner. Truth is, Katie Ford was, and is, all of the above and still found time to achieve Advanced Small Animal Veterinary Medicine and Canine Rehabilitation Therapy Certifications and undertake a Tough Mudder challenge!

I hope these lines do not sound too much like a eulogy! Katie is very much alive and kicking and as she embarks on the next exciting chapter of her veterinary journey, genuinely, I can think of no-one more capable with whom to trust with any coaching or consultancy needs.

You’ll be glad that you did."


 Ian Wolstenholme

Retired Practice Manager/Director Veterinary Management Group

Katie is a fantastic coach who is doing wonderful things for the profession. She is such a genuine, approachable and down-to-earth person and her coaching methods have really changed my day-to-day life. In addition to her coaching, her online content is wonderful and I look forward to reading it each day. She also goes above and beyond for this profession through events like VETstagram and the Streetvet quiz organised with VSGD. I cannot recommend her highly enough!

Laura Rosewell RVN (Veterinary Internal Medicine Nursing)

"I found Katie at exact time, like a´flash from the skies', that I needed her most.  What absolutely convinced  me was the fact that Katie went through a very similar story to me. She is living example how BC works and its helps. But Katie's amazing feature is her talent – she is incredible! Her kindness and wisdom are outstanding . How she has applied BC on veterinary profession and through every  quotes on her Instagram page or series of videos - she is sharing and helping to re-discover happiness and calm. "

Radka, Veterinary Surgeon

"What could I say about Katie Ford that Katie is such a kind and genuine person who wants nothing more than to see you succeed. I am the most grateful for the knowledge and confidence she has given to me since I have known her. I honestly don’t know what I would do without her 11/10 for everything she does!"

Emily Holmes RVN (Creator - Sherlock the VN)

“I’m really glad I found Katie via VetXs. When I met her there, she made me feel really safe and calm by the way she was talking. She speaks very smoothly and gives me the impression that everything will be ok.

I decided to start the personal couching with her as I wanted someone to support me during my career. I didn’t want to feel disappointed and criticising myself all the time. Katie helped me to appreciate myself as it is with the level of experience I am now. Together we build my next goals and gives me easy, simple steps to achieve what I want in the profession.

Katie taught me that success comes with little successes every day and she is right, but you need to acknowledge your previous successes so you will be able to feel a success. Katie shows you how to do that as well.

On our sessions 1:1 she always gives me simple solutions to my problems and together she helps me set a clear and targeted plan without listening to the negative voice and overthinking in my head.

Before the sessions I feel confused, stressed and sad and after I talk to her I feel that I have a clear picture of what to do next and start solving whatever is the problem rather than thinking over and over again the problem."

Katerina, Veterinary Surgeon

"Katie has helped me through so many rough times, sometimes without even knowing I was in one!
She is a superstar and is worth her weight in gold!

Highly recommend!"

Molly Fiander, RVN

"Katie is a very down to earth individual who strives to help people as much as she possibly can in many aspects of day to day life.
From the first time I started chatting to the first video call I had with Katie it changed my entire outlook on life and way of thinking if things aren’t as good as what you’d want them to be!
I for one cannot recommend someone enough as I do Katie! Her content and the way she communicates is so welcoming and helpful in every day situations!"

Jack Pye RVN

"I am currently completing a 1:1 course with Katie and finding it really useful. Katie is a really approachable person, easy to talk to and a super friendly person. She has helped me to tap into my mind and show me the person I want to be. I am nearly finished and have been armed with a toolkit to help me in life and with my veterinary career. Thank you Katie, so much for everything I really appreciate everything"

Sarah Heritage, RVN



"Katie reaching out to me was a blessing.

As a results-driven and anxiety-battling vet, Katie saw her younger self in my journey.

Her course taught me that I was not alone in believing my worth was based on productivity, I was introduced to Broadband Consciousness and the concept of The Script. Katie's course empowered me, I had the ability to identify, acknowledge and discredit negative thoughts.

I have the confidence and the trust to reach out to Katie when in need of some words of wisdom and for veterinary career related advice.

Katie has had a huge positive impact on my life, and the way that I view myself."

Heidi Wilson

Veterinary Student

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