Vet Events

A unique opportunity for you and your team.

We are thrilled to introduce a new and exciting opportunity to the veterinary industry! With communication, mental health and team morale being brought to the forefront of the profession, there has never been a better time to focus on your team. Extreme work loads, emergency situations and client expectations mean that pressure is mounting more than ever before, placing strain on even the closest of groups.


Imagine being able to improve communication skills within your company, strengthen bonds and integrate teams, whilst having fun along the way! Be part of a movement which not only puts employees first, but uses this opportunity to highlight areas for improvement, reduce tension and actively consider mental health. 


Why wait ? The benefits of team building are clear:


Improve productivity

Increase motivation

Increased collaboration

Encourage creativity

Positive reinforcement

Improved communication

Improve income

Staff Morale

Break up clicks

Problem solving skills

Improve relationships

We have a strong partnership to head this venture and bring your team an exceptional experience; founders Katie Ford and Simon Howard. A unique collaborative between both the veterinary field and the events sector. Katie has over seven years’ experience in the veterinary profession, training students and graduates as well as an internal medicine certificate. Simon is an event professional, with over 14 years experience in managing and delivering inspirational events across the world; motivating, hilarious and guaranteed to give you all a day that you won’t forget!


We believe that companies of all sizes in the veterinary sector can gain from the positive aspects of Vet Events, we want to discuss YOUR requirements, to create a bespoke, beneficial event to suit your needs. Groups from 6 to over 100 can be accommodated. We want to discuss exactly what would benefit you and your company, to your budget, at a venue that suits you. 


Activities can be themed towards the veterinary profession, your business or your practice. We provide a spectrum of opportunity for the day, from lighthearted, hilarious activities to more structured sessions, geared towards your specific business objectives. Simon’s extensive experience in this sector provides opportunity for facilitation and feedback, where needed, and ways to move forward that you'd never considered before.


Example events include:


Outdoor and indoor team activities

Mental and physical challenges

Creative challenges

Treasure hunts

Fun days



Get in touch today! We cannot wait to start working with you!


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