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"I had 27 letters after my name, and Dr before it, yet none of those gave me me. Now I help others to remember their true value, and create impact in the veterinary world and beyond."

Katie Ford (RCVS Inspiration Award Winner 2023)
Human first.

Katie became a thought leader and authentic influencer within the veterinary profession, sharing her own story of imposter syndrome as a vet, and the inspiring way in which she learned to see it differently. Her multiple passions all coalesce into a finite purpose of reminding others of their value; who they were before the world got its hands on them.

Training further as a coach, alongside a Master's Degree, she co-founded a veterinary coaching company, Vet Empowered, in 2020.

You'll find her speaking on stages across the world, sharing her story, publishing books and being a catalyst for change. She is a wise and compassionate guide behind the scenes for many fellow impact makers, influencers, entrepreneurs and brands across the profession.



Now that we've got the formalities out of the way, a proper hello. Websites are weird things, right? I'll be honest with you, I'll comfortably edit the sites of all of my other businesses all day long, but this one? Nope. I don't like to squeeze myself into a box or a label of being just one thing. I hate the old 'position yourself as an expert' spiel; I'm not here to impress anyone, I'm here to connect. I hope that my results and impact speak for themselves. So, here's the authentic version of

On paper, my story started as an exhausted veterinary surgeon that decided to hit the world with a plot twist. Sharing my story of imposter syndrome and calling out societal expectations, my career took an amazing turn that I never expected, with over 20,000 onlookers. Seven years later I find myself being gifted the RCVS Inspiration Award, and I see life very differently.


I'm a human, and I have a particular set of skills. I won't go all 'Liam Neeson' on you, promise - they're more about compassion, consciousness, and seeing things very differently. These skills I use for good, and to inspire others, and they came from years of trying things that didn't work and understanding myself, as well as a lot of extra study and practice. I am an impactful and authentic speaker, award-winning coach, and well-respected consultant. I have launched a number of my own businesses, as well as being a silent supporter behind many inspiring names and brands in the vet world. Regardless, I will always promise that I'll treat you and others as human.

You might be here because you hear that I speak about imposter syndrome, in which case check out the blog and resources. If you'd like me to speak at your event, get in touch. For those looking for coaching in the veterinary space, check out Vet Empowered.

 If I can help you or your company to grow your impact in any way, please get in touch.


These are my personal companies and (ad)ventures; I use this term not to make you cringe, but because each of them has brought something new and exciting, as well as learnings along the way. Everything that I do is aimed at helping others within veterinary and animal health sectors, and beyond. I have worked on hundreds of other successful projects.



Looking for an impactful speaker for your event, or workshop for your team?


Are you looking to spread your message? I collaborate on a small number of projects if they align with my values.


Looking for new insights on your project or event?

I offer a small number of consultancy project slots per year.


I am an experienced and compassionate coach. The majority of my veterinary work is done via Vet Empowered. 

Katie Ford


Dr. Katie Ford: From veterinary surgeon with imposter syndrome to multi-passionate human being....

"I battled imposter syndrome in my role as a vet for years. I thought I could outwork it. I thought I could outqualify it. I had the qualifications and the case outcomes, yet I felt no different. I discovered tools that transformed my life. That made me realise that voice in my head wasn't me, and more importantly, I learned who I actually was. These methods skyrocketed my consciousness, with huge thanks to the creators of this system, who remain some of my mentors today - Richard and Liz Wilkins. My life transformed, and I have lived it ever since. Broadband consciousness ended the civil war.

"I began to share my story online in an authentic way in 2018, and it gained traction fast. Soon, I had over 20,000 followers within my industry and I was invited to speak at all of the major conferences. I trained further to coach the methods that had changed my life, as well as further study in to cognitive processes, psychology and emotional wellbeing. I had the privilege of being mentored by of one Bob Proctor's inner circle coaches for years. I loved helping other members of the profession to improve their confidence, see their value and transform. I saw patterns, and I found out what worked in speaking, message creation, and delivery.

"Quickly this became my full time job, as well as being a part of three other ventures within the veterinary space and beyond (Vet Empowered, VETstagram and VetYou) alongside supporting my partner, in launching his events management company, Introducing Events. I created over 11 different impact streams.  I dived further, completing additional study into digital marketing, events management and receiving high level mentorship. I have worked in a consultancy role alongside a number of the largest organisations in the veterinary space to provide insights, thoughts, ideas and strategies. I fast became one of the go-to names for authenticity, imposter syndrome, and how to create impact without the 'ick'. In many times silently, I have helped influencers and brands within the veterinary profession and beyond to grow, whilst looking after themselves.

"I was honoured in 2023 to be the recipient of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeon's Inspiration Award for 2023, for consistently inspiring a profession.


"I continue to stand by everything that is important to me in everything that I do: Authenticity, Compassion, Inspiration and Integrity. I don't really have a job title, but what I will promise is that I use my skills for good in this world."


Beyond all of this, I am a human being. I live with my partner in beautiful Saddleworth with our two gorgeous Ragdoll cats, both joining our family through my previous work. I enjoy being outside, mountain biking and nabbing a charity shop bargain. I'm a relentless fan of Gary Vaynerchuk and Dr. Kristin Neff, and have bought far too many domain names over the years."

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