Are you fed up with feeling like an imposter?

Like everyone else is doing better?


That was me too. Despite all external achievements, life felt like one big cover-up. I thought I was moments from being 'found out' and the compliments somehow never felt deserved. Then I learned how to understand and override that negative inner critic! Life changed completely, and now I help others to do the same.


My name is Katie Ford.

I'm passionate about helping professionals to overcome "Imposter Syndrome" to love their work and pursue their passions.

I'm an experienced veterinary surgeon and coach.

I am available for 1:1 coaching, content production and public speaking.

Recent collaborations:

BVNA Keynote Speaker 2020


My name is Katie, I live in beautiful Saddleworth just outside Manchester. I'm a happy space-nerd, obsessed with Gary Vaynerchuk and I love racoons. Getting outside walking makes me especially happy, as does spending time with my partner and our two ridiculously fluffy cats. I love the gym, learning mountain biking, fitness and have done the odd mud run. I'm obsessed with gratitude, its anecdotal, and more scientifically proven effects. I come up with new and crazy plans regularly, and I am fascinated with human potential. I'm passionate about positive mindset techniques and helping others with them too; I trained as a coach, broadband consciousness trainer and in cognitive behaviour therapy. I've also been mentored and still am, by one of Bob Proctor's top mindset coaches in the world, who I'm lucky to call a good friend.


I am also an enthusiastic and forward-thinking small animal veterinary surgeon, that believes that clients and their pets deserve top-level service and treatment. I've been lucky to be doing this for eight years now, and gained my Certificate in Advanced Veterinary Practice for internal medicine in 2017. I have also seen how this level of dedication can lead to hurdles in itself.

Five years ago, this would have been a very different introduction. I would have started with "my name is Katie, and I'm a vet." All of my self-worth was on my job title; this was a double edged sword. The profession is amazing, but I left all hobbies behind. I became overworked (on my own terms), feeling like a fraud for any achievement and constantly chasing happiness. I put myself under more stress than clients, colleagues or patients ever did; I chased perfection constantly, staying longer and longer to 'disaster prevent'. My brain looked for things that went wrong, and tortured me, however minuscule they appeared externally. It was mentally and physically unsustainable. I had achievements galore, everything external that I could want... but internally, I was in a civil war. I felt like one person went and achieved all this stuff externally, and then internally, I felt like a worthless fraud. (Pssst... if you want to learn more about my journey, I've added some podcast links below).

The good news was that through lots of methods, help from many sources, and harnessing my own life is totally transformed. I even trained in the methods myself. I feel lucky every day, hence I constantly try to share what I have learned.

Over recent years, I have become increasingly passionate about self-development, motivation, and inspiration for professionals, to help them overcome imposter syndrome and self-doubt. I love assisting others to achieve their goals in practice, overcoming roadblocks to success, and unlocking their potential to thrive in the veterinary world. I currently provide both 1:1 coaching programs for veterinary professionals, alongside online courses. If you're looking for an enthusiastic, positive, and results based coach, get in touch. 

What is "Imposter Syndrome?"

Imposter Syndrome is defined as when an individual doubts their accomplishments and has a persistent, internalised fear of being exposed as a fraud. A common phenomenon amongst veterinary professionals.

Is it a veterinary specific issue?

This certainly is not isolated to those in the veterinary profession. Medics, dentists, lawyers, business owners, sports people, teachers. Everyone. It is common. You are not alone. This is experienced by vets and nurses at all experience levels, from students to diplomates. A study by the International Journal of Behavioural Science found that up to 70% of men and women have struggled with feeling like a fraud, at some point in this lives. They note that “anyone can view themselves as an imposter if they fail to internalise their success.”

Could this be this you?
Struggling to accept praise and positive feedback. Discounting your own success.Signs of being a victim of Imposter Syndrome include:

  • You may be described as a perfectionist.

  • You may stay behind at work for hours longer than expected

  • You are worried about "failing".

  • You often compare your successes to others.

  • You focus on what you haven't done, rather than what you have. You feel like you didn't earn your qualification, or someone will take them from you.

  • You feel like you are "winging it".

  • Feeling like you got "lucky" or anyone could have done the same.

What are the effects of Imposter Syndrome?

Resulting effects of Imposter Syndrome include:

  • Anxiety and worry.

  • Lack of self-praise.

  • Opportunities being passed up on.

  • Lack of job satisfaction.

  • Avoidance of new tasks.

  • Career changes.

  • Over-working and exhaustion.

  • Feelings of frustration and isolation.

  • Continuous concern over "being found out."

I have adapted a superb strategy that helps you to realise what is actually causing these thoughts, and how you can address it to move forward.


How can I help you?

I am passionate about self-development, personal growth, coaching, and mindset. I have attended multiple courses and programmes that enabled me to help others, including Broadband Consciousness, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) and Bob Proctor's Thinking Into Results (Proctor-Gallagher Institute). I am honoured to be a member of Dr.Dave Nicol's VetX:Thrive, one of this team of three mentors and covering the European region.

I am a confident and passionate speaker, and I love taking part in any opportunity to help spread the word of imposter syndrome, gratitude, wellbeing, and overcoming self-doubt.

I have spoken at both live, pre-recorded, and virtual events. I have recently spoken for the British Veterinary Nursing Association, British Vets LGBT+, Global Veterinary Career Summit, WellVet, and VETstagram.


Looking for real change? For those genuinely looking for more support and accountability, I coach clients through imposter syndrome on a 1:1 basis with fantastic results. This is for committed individuals that want help progressing in a certain area, or are truly fed up with imposter syndrome and wish to love their work again. I always want to ensure that my coaching is the best fit for you, so the first step is always a free, 30minute exploration call. 


Spaces are very limited. If you are interested in hearing more, please get in touch.








For those who are not in the position for 1:1 coaching, I created an online course for those who are looking to bust imposter syndrome, in their own time. Through a series of videos, worksheets and reflection exercises, create your own toolkit to bust imposter syndrome!

You can get a sneak preview of what's coming up here!

As part of my mission to share preventative mindset strategies with the world, I am often approached to write for companies and create copy. This is alongside my social media presence (with over 10,000 followers), where I regularly publish work. The areas that I am passionate about include imposter syndrome, mindset for wellbeing, and the science of gratitude.

I have recently produced content and articles for the Veterinary Nursing Journal, JHP Recruitment newsletter, VetX Blog, BSAVA Companion, FECAVA and The Empowering RVN.

If you'd be interested in discussing opportunities in content creation or social media collaborations, please get in touch.

If you'd like to hear a little more about the methods that I use, and my story, please check out the following podcast episodes.

WellVet Virtual 2020 - May 2020

BVNA Wellbeing Webinar - June 2020

Global Veterinary Career Summit - June 2020

BVNA Congress (Keynote Speaker) - October 2020

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