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"I help you, as an entrepreneur, to create the path that YOU would choose. This starts with remembering who you really are and stepping from imposterism into powerful authenticity. Then we channel that into strategy and action. This is where the magic happens."

Dr. Katie Ford 
Entrepreneur, Coach, Mentor, Consultant, Occasional Veterinary Surgeon.


Pssst: Entrepreneurs feeling like imposters:

Creating a positive impact online can feel overwhelming, and entrepreneurs often put themselves at the bottom of the pile.
It can feel like a lonely road.

You feel like you're making it up as you go along, or that someone will find out you fluked your way there.
You feel misunderstood by those around you, and maybe a little bit lost.
Yet, you know deep down that this excites you and that this adventure is what you want.
This is what we support you in.
Let's take this to the next level, and remember that 1 in 400 trillion awesome human being that you really are.

We provide an all-round approach to creating impact online, in a way that is authentic to you. From starting your first side hustle, to unlocking the next level that you were always capable of.

How did you go from vet to this?

"I battled imposter syndrome in my role as a vet for years. I thought I could outwork it. I thought I could outqualify it. I had the qualifications and the case outcomes, yet I felt no different. I discovered tools that transformed my life. That made me realise that voice in my head wasn't me, and more importantly, who I actually was. These methods skyrocketed by consciousness, with huge thanks to the creators of this system, who remain some of my mentors today - Richard and Liz Wilkins. My life transformed.

"I began to share my story online in an authentic way, and it gained traction fast. Soon, I had over 15,000 followers within my industry and I was invited to speak at all of the major conferences. I trained further to coach the methods that had changed my life, as well as further study into cognitive processes and emotional wellbeing. I had the privilege of being mentored by of one Bob Proctor's inner circle coaches for years. I loved helping other members of the profession to improve their confidence, see their value and transform. I saw patterns, and I found out what worked in speaking, message creation and delivery.

"Quickly this became my main income stream, as well as being a part of three other ventures within the veterinary space and beyond (Vet Empowered, VetYou and WellVet) alongside launching an events management company, Introducing Events with my partner. I created over 11 different income streams. I quit my 9-7 and saw what impact and income could be created. I dived further, completing additional study into digital marketing, events management and receiving high level mentorship. I have worked in a consultancy role alongside a number of the largest organisations in the veterinary space to provide insights, thoughts, ideas and strategies. 

"My passion lies in helping entrepreneurs to thrive. To firstly realise who they really are: their authentic, true, valuable self. Then to see that anything is possible and they can be a conscious creator. Mindset is not enough alone, I bring a triple sided approach to support: as a coach, a mentor and an influence creator. I value accessibility, so you will find online courses and group programmes accessible at a lower ticket, as well as 1:1 mentorship and coaching."

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Looking for an inspiring speaker? 


"This was the best talk I’ve attended in years. Imposter syndrome - I felt very seen and learned a lot about how to try and help myself re-focus."
KB - Veterinary Cardiology Specialist

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Dr. Katie Ford has spoken on multiple occasions to a wide range of audiences on imposter syndrome, gratitude, self-doubt, self-value and the power of identity.

"Katie is inspiring not only to her own profession, but way beyond too. You can't help but find her passion infectious, and believe you're not a fraud either. Definitely recommend".
- Conference Delegate

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"I LOVED it, absolutely incredible. She’s just so human and real and made me feel so empowered. She was so easy to listen to and made it all so easy to follow and felt like could have a go at and definitely resonated with me."
Attendee, 2021

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