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"I help people to remember who they really are. Only then can we figure out what we want; it's easy to feel like an imposter when we've forgotten our true value. That's when lives really change. I know because I lived it too."
Dr. Katie Ford 
Keynote Speaker, Creator, Imposter Syndrome Coach.

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"This was the best talk I’ve attended in years. Imposter syndrome - I felt very seen and learned a lot about how to try and help myself re-focus."
KB - Veterinary Cardiology Specialist

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Dr. Katie Ford has spoken on multiple occasions to a wide range of audiences on imposter syndrome, gratitude, self-doubt, self-value and the power of identity.

"Katie is inspiring not only to her own profession, but way beyond too. You can't help but find her passion infectious, and believe you're not a fraud either. Definitely recommend".
- Conference Delegate

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"I LOVED it, absolutely incredible. She’s just so human and real and made me feel so empowered. She was so easy to listen to and made it all so easy to follow and felt like could have a go at and definitely resonated with me."
Attendee, 2021

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