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UPDATE August 2021: Due to high demand my 1:1 coaching services are currently operating a waiting list of 3-6months. My regular and ongoing client services will remain unaffected.

To join the waiting list, email with Subject Line: Waiting List.

If you are a veterinary professional looking for support on imposter syndrome, please check out my 12 week group coaching programme:

Vet Empowered 

Download the Vet Empowered PDF brochure here.


Coming Soon...

I am pleased to be able to announce that I am launching a subscription service in August 2021. This will be imposter-related content with actionable steps, for all situations. Sign up to my email list to be the first to know when this is released.

Imposter Syndrome Coaching


Looking for real change? For those genuinely looking for more support and accountability, I coach clients through imposter syndrome and towards realising their self-value and their goals on a 1:1 basis, with fantastic results. This is for committed individuals that want help progressing in a certain area, towards their goals and want to improve their self-relationship along the way; we don't leave happiness on a delayed payment plan, whilst pursuing what you really want. Maybe you're keen to make a change, and you're just not sure what. Are things ok, but you feel like something is missing? I trained in, and coach, using the same methods that transformed my life (broadband consciouness, alongside journaling and mindfulness), enabling you to tap into your potential, reconnect with yourself and gain fulfillment. I work with vets, nurses, and other professionals, of all levels.

Relationship with self? This might seem a little strange to talk about, it certainly was for me years back, but it is truly transformative. We have often been conditioned to think we are much smaller than we really are. That negative voice in our head that tells us all the reasons we can't do something, we're frauds and it's a bad idea. What if we realised we had no say in the 'voice' forming, it's based on very little evidence and there's the opportunity to step past it? When we learn to reconnect with ourselves, we become unstoppable and choose more empowering stories that bring real change? Sounds good? Nothing will ever exceed the relationship that we have with ourselves, and that's why this type of coaching is so transformational.

Spaces are very limited, as I keep my 1:1 client numbers low to ensure I can dedicate sufficient time to individuals. 

Interested in joining my waiting list? Get in touch

What does coaching involve?


We gain clarity on the real you, and what you want, to ensure you're aligned with what you're going after.


I help you decide on the next steps to move you forward, helping you to recharge, realign and reconsider what we've previously believed.

1:1 Sessions

Sessions are booked in blocks of a minimum of 6. These are 60-90minutes in length, and we reconnect you to you.


If you're interested in 1:1 coaching, please get in touch with to join the waiting list.


We've all read books, right? Then fallen off the bandwagon. I help you make sure you're showing up for you, with some gently guidance.

Who's it not for?

Coaching is not the same as therapy or counselling. If imposter syndrome is negatively impacting your mental health, seeking medical advice before coaching is always advised. (I've been there too, it's ok).

Is coaching for me? 

What about group coaching?

I work alongside another coach to bring you a group coaching programme, aimed specifically at vet staff. The power of the group and progressing alongside others is genuinely transformational.

You can find out more at

I'm not sure I'm ready for coaching yet...

Everyone is different, and that's ok. 

If you're feeling like an imposter and would like to work through a programme on your own initially, I have something for you! The feedback on this has been phenomenal. Find out more about Imposter Empowered, the online course. This isn't just for vets and nurses, anyone feeling like an imposter can benefit from this signature programme.

Imposter Syndrome Coaching Testimonials

"Katie changed my life, how I look at things, how I treat myself and how I've moved forward too. I've achieved things I never knew were possible, but I can give myself the credit now too. Thank you so much."

- Sarah, Veterinary Surgeon.

“I was fortunate enough to meet Katie at a talk held at the RVC. She was instantly inspiring and I knew that I wanted to learn more about imposter syndrome and to look into coaching when possible... I am so grateful for Katie running the programme, connecting myself with other powerful ladies, and helping me to bust my fear of failure. She has truly changed the way I see myself and has helped me find my confidence. Definitely talk to Katie if you’re considering busting imposter syndrome!”

- Remi, Vet Nurse and Vet Student

"I feel so much more like myself, and I never knew I hadn't been before. I am so much more mindful, and calm, and realised I can CHOOSE. This is a gamechanger for me. I came to coaching thinking I'd make lots of external changes, but actually, the most important ones were internal. I didn't change anything about my circumstances, it all started with me. Thank you Katie."

- Angie, RVN

"From the first time I started chatting to the first video call I had with Katie it changed my entire outlook on life and way of thinking if things aren’t as good as what you’d want them to be!

I for one cannot recommend someone enough as I do Katie! Her content and the way she communicates is so welcoming and helpful in every day situations" -

Jack, RVN

"I initially approached Katie to help coach me through some imposter syndrome issues when getting ready to return to work after maternity leave. Since then she has stuck by me through many twists and turns including a leap into self-employment. She is a rational, calming voice and one of my most vocal cheerleaders."

Specialist Vet

"I have been coached by Katie for the past 6 months and I can honestly say that this has made a dramatic positive difference to me. Before starting the coaching, I was really struggling with imposter syndrome and never feeling I was good enough. This was mainly in relation to my job as a vet, however, elements of imposter syndrome affected me in everyday life. Now that I am aware of the script (automatic thoughts that I listen to), I can not only recognise my own script but I can also see when the script takes hold of others. Our scripts often make us all act in ways that are not ourselves, therefore it is fundamental to always be kind to others but also being kind to ourselves. I can now make a conscious choice to acknowledge when it is the script talking, and choose whether I listen or not. I am so much better at taking a step back and separating myself from my own script and continue to endeavour to make choices for ME and not let my script choose. I am by no means perfect at this and know that this will be a continuous process that I am learning from each day but I am enjoying building a much better relationship with myself, being kinder, and valuing myself."

Emma, Veterinary Surgeon

Vet Empowered Testimonials

"I cannot recommend this course highly enough. It is truly the most relevant, enlightening, empowering, life-changing experience. I suffered from imposter syndrome after returning to practice after my second maternity leave. I doubted myself, my capabilities which in turn caused so much chronic stress and fatigue.

Just when I thought I was done with the stress of clinical practice, I found a way to manage my life, my stress, my anguish, that sinking feeling on the way to work. I am now on a different path to finding what I truly want from life and learning about myself. I don't worry about the day to day stresses of clinical life or negativity from clients. It simply doesn't fill my thoughts and take over my life.

I implore anyone who is not enjoying clinical practice to do this course. It does exactly what it says on the tin. Empowering."

Vet Empowered Graduate 2021 (MRCVS)

"After completing the 12 week Vet Empowered course I cannot recommend it enough. The content that Katie and Claire have chosen to include within the programme and the manner in which it was presented was brilliant and truly life changing. The content has changed my perception and improved my entire life, it is not just applicable to within the veterinary context. Yet saying that it has given me the confidence and skills to return to practice (after leaving the profession 8 years ago due to stress) in a more mentally sustainable and healthy manner.


Katie and Claire are knowledgeable and convey the content in a manner that is easy to digest and fun, they bounce off each other beautifully and really know their stuff. They are very supportive and you really feel like they are invested in you and your personal journey.

The fact that the content was presented to us via a recorded zoom call was great for family life and I still listen to the recordings over and over, nothing else can boost my mood quite like a quick check in and mental reset from Katie and Claire.


I was sceptical about it being a group programme initially as I was worried I would get less out of it than a 1-1 programme, I couldn’t have been more wrong. Not only was it lovely to get to know a great group of people, I learnt so much from them and what they were going through because as you will learn if you do the course we all have the same inner critic voice. The support and enthusiastic motivation over the group chat was (and still is) a fantastic way to really ensure that what we were learning was being embedded into our daily lives, and this was a huge reason that the programme was such a success for me."

Vet Empowered Graduate 2021 MRCVS

"I was going to say this course changed my life, more accurately it has given me the skills and motivation to change my own life. I am calmer, more confident and excited about the future. It has helped me to feel more comfortable about my career, home and social life but most importantly I'm much, much happier in my own head. Using the techniques and tools Katie and Claire have shown us feels like only the start of a fun journey and I'm looking forward to continuing to develop them. It was so beneficial working in a group and I've met the most lovely and inspiring people in the process"


Vet Empowered Graduate 2021 (RVN)

"This 12 weeks course with Katie and Claire just flew by! Two incredibly lovely coaches with such amazing insights and content, through small tweaks I have felt such a shift in my mindset and energy. The group members were also so inspiring and lovely to work with in the sessions. Definitely feel like I've invested in myself, learning the tools to continue this journey with self development."


Vet Empowered Graduate 2021 (MRCVS)

"I decided to sign up to Vet Empowered because I was in my first year of qualifying as a veterinary nurse after 4 years of studying at university and I was constantly feeling anxious about work. I would go home and pick apart my day, anxious that I had or think I had made mistakes. I getting in a bad cycle or beating my self up over anything and everything. Now at the end of this 12 week program I have a whole new mindset that I really did not think possible. I am kinder to myself, understand the reasoning for my thoughts and now have the tools I need to control these thoughts, feelings and emotions. I now feel lighter and have a more positive outlook both at work and in my personal life. There will always be more work to do, but I never would have know the change was possible without Claire, Katie and my lovely group."


Vet Empowered Graduate 2021 (Amy, RVN)

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