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A veterinary professional looking for coaching around creating confidence and figuring out what you want, in practice or non-clinical roles? 

If you're not an entrepreneur, but looking to work with me, we offer a range of support via my company Vet Empowered. This company was co-founded by certified, accredited coach Claire Grigson. Please check out the website or get in touch for further information.

At Vet Empowered you'll find a range of plug and play courses, group programmes and 1:1 options.

Coaching for Veterinary Professionals

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"I provide my expertise in a number of ways in the veterinary space and beyond. Read more below about the ways in which we could work together. I work with individuals, companies and teams from coaching, events, strategy and speaking, to influencer, PR and impact driven work. Let's make it happen!"

Dr. Katie Ford MRCVS


Katie is kind, approachable and extremely talented. She provides incredible value with every interaction, whatever form that may be: she’s a person that you want as your friend, your colleague, your mentor, your boss or on your team. She always gives the best advice & insights, and her skillset is huge. Her passion for the veterinary community is inspiring and infectious! - Dr. Laura Sullivan



Dr. Katie Ford is an engaging and experienced speaker on the topic of imposter syndrome, authenticity and beyond.

Find out more about her range of workshops, sessions and speaking options. 


If you're looking for veterinary specific coaching, whether group or 1:1, from building confidence to navigating imposter syndrome as you realign with you, check out Katie's company Vet Empowered.



Looking for a new pair of eyes on your veterinary and animal health related project? Katie has previously consulted on a number of projects from solo start-up projects and mentorship to wider scale initiatives and events. She has also worked with businesses as an influencer and with the press for PR comments. Let's chat about your individual needs.



In collaboration with experienced events professional, Simon Howard and his team, Katie is pleased to provide event services specific to the veterinary profession. You can find out more about what we offer via the VETstagram Events website. Katie holds a Level 7 in Events Management.


Katie maintains a very small number of 1:1 BC coaching spaces which are screened on an individual basis. She has worked with a number of other coaches, influencers and impact makers to support them behind the scenes.

If this is of interest, or you have another project that you'd like to discuss, please get in touch.


Speaking testimonials are available on the speaking page. Further case studies and testimonials are available on request. I have worked with hundreds of other companies, many of which have involved NDAs. 


"Katie is one of the most interesting and inspiring people I’ve worked with. We have collaborated together on VetYou, a financial education community, and at many events both virtual and in person.
She is able to bring to life complex and difficult subjects in a way that brings everyone along with her, using humility and humour and her own personal stories that leaves the audience all a little bit wiser.
A fantastic organiser and speaker that adds so much value and energy to any team."

- Dr. Paul Horwood, Sandstone Communications

"Katie is kind, approachable and extremely talented. She provides incredible value with every interaction, whatever form that may be: she’s a person that you want as your friend, your colleague, your mentor, your boss or on your team. She always gives the best advice & insights, and her skillset is huge. Her passion for the veterinary community is inspiring and infectious!"

- Dr. Laura Sullivan

"“Having Katie come on board for a virtual event is like taking a huge relaxing deep breath! She is so calm, professional, efficient and knowledgeable – there isn’t anyone I’d rather hand the reins to. She is also simply a brilliant team member, bringing her positivity and energy to everything she does. We simply wouldn’t want to do an event without her! I could not recommend her more highly.”

- Nat Scroggie, WellVet

"Katie is one of the most focused people I have worked with and knows her subject better than anyone I know.
I highly recommend her to anyone who needs help in understanding Imposter Syndrome and how it can impose limiting beliefs on them."

- Paul Norris, Gerron PNC, Former Head of Manchester Chamber of Commerce

“Katie has the perfect balance of knowledge, experience and calm, reassuring confidence. She is wonderful to work with and brings so much to a team and project. I know we can rely on her completely and she will go above and beyond to make sure everything goes smoothly and according to plan. She adds a huge amount of value through both her expertise and her ability to engage, enthuse and support others. She feels like a part of our team and I trust her implicitly - which is so valuable when leading and coordinating complex projects. Most of all, we just love working with her. She gets our culture and values and authentically represents our organisation – I can’t recommend her enough”


- Ru Tipney, VetLed


"I feel so much more like myself, and I never knew I hadn't been before. I am so much more mindful, and calm, and realised I can CHOOSE. This is a gamechanger for me. I came to coaching thinking I'd make lots of external changes, but actually, the most important ones were internal. I didn't change anything about my circumstances, it all started with me. Thank you Katie."

- Angie, RVN

"Katie changed my life, how I look at things, how I treat myself and how I've moved forward too. I've achieved things I never knew were possible, but I can give myself the credit now too. Thank you so much."

- Sarah, Veterinary Surgeon.

"I initially approached Katie to help coach me through some imposter syndrome issues when getting ready to return to work after maternity leave. Since then she has stuck by me through many twists and turns including a leap into self-employment. She is a rational, calming voice and one of my most vocal cheerleaders."

Specialist Vet

"From the first time I started chatting to the first video call I had with Katie it changed my entire outlook on life and way of thinking if things aren’t as good as what you’d want them to be!

I for one cannot recommend someone enough as I do Katie! Her content and the way she communicates is so welcoming and helpful in every day situations" 

Jack, RVN

"Thanks to Katie I have managed to add three extra streams to my business with minimal effort, but most importantly whilst taking more time off - I'd never have believed that was possible"

- Alice, Online Entrepreneur

"I have been coached by Katie for the past 6 months and I can honestly say that this has made a dramatic positive difference to me. Before starting the coaching, I was really struggling with imposter syndrome and never feeling I was good enough. This was mainly in relation to my job as a vet, however, elements of imposter syndrome affected me in everyday life. Now that I am aware of the script (automatic thoughts that I listen to), I can not only recognise my own script but I can also see when the script takes hold of others. Our scripts often make us all act in ways that are not ourselves, therefore it is fundamental to always be kind to others but also being kind to ourselves. I can now make a conscious choice to acknowledge when it is the script talking, and choose whether I listen or not. I am so much better at taking a step back and separating myself from my own script and continue to endeavour to make choices for ME and not let my script choose. I am by no means perfect at this and know that this will be a continuous process that I am learning from each day but I am enjoying building a much better relationship with myself, being kinder, and valuing myself."

-Emma, Veterinary Surgeon


Vet Empowered is the personal development and coaching gamechanger that I run with Claire Grigson. If you're in the veterinary space and looking to work with me for coaching, you'll want to check this out.

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