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Looking for an inspiring and authentic speaker on Imposter Syndrome?


Katie is a confident and passionate speaker, and loves taking part in any opportunity to help spread the word of imposter syndrome, gratitude, wellbeing, and overcoming self-doubt. She uses a combination of her own story and experiences, to bring an authentic and empathetic experience, alongside research and tangible tips.

She has spoken at both live, pre-recorded, and virtual events. She has worked with small groups as well as a larger audience, both in the veterinary world and beyond.

This is for you if you're looking to:

  • Improve confidence within your team

  • Inspire a high achieving workforce

  • Equip your team with tools to see imposter syndrome differently

Main topics covered:

  • Imposter Syndrome

  • Self-Doubt & Self-Belief

  • Gratitude

  • Creating cultures that unmask imposter syndrome

  • Bespoke ideas 

Katie is passionate about tangible, actionable content and imposter syndrome workshops to help delegates to go home with a set of skills that can be used long term.


"I LOVED it, absolutely incredible. She’s just so human and real and made me feel so empowered. She was so easy to listen to and made it all so easy to follow and felt like could have a go at and definitely resonated with me." - Corporate Delegate

"Thank you so much for being involved in the BSAVA student Focus yesterday. Your talk was brilliant and we've received nothing but great feedback so far!" - BSAVA Organiser

"I'm so pleased that you spoke at our AGM on Sunday. Your talk was really relevant and helpful. On a personal level I found it wonderful and I know from speaking to others that I was not alone." - President BVLGBT+

"This was quite simply the best talk I've been to. I wasn't talked down to, it was real and wonderful. I've never felt so heard, yet inspired." - Delegate, ECV 2020.

"This woman gets it. Engaging, inspiring and also truly action-based. I've seen a lot of keynotes in my time, but this is one truly worthy. She gives you the how, and not the junk." - James Bow

"This was the best talk I’ve attended in years. Imposter syndrome - I felt very seen and learned a lot about how to try and help myself re-focus."

KB - Veterinary Cardiology Specialist

Speaker Rates:

Contact Katie to discuss your audience size, requirements and timings.

Book Katie

If you'd be interested in booking Katie to speak for your company, at an event, or for smaller groups, please get in touch via email at

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Download Katie's

Imposter Syndrome Speaker Profile PDF

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