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Looking for an inspiring and authentic speaker on Imposter Syndrome?


I'm a confident and passionate speaker, and love taking part in any opportunity to help spread the word of authenticity, imposter syndrome, gratitude, wellbeing, and re-thinking self-doubt. I use a combination of my own story and experiences, as well as my expertise, to bring an authentic and empathetic experience, alongside research and tangible tips. You can read some of my insights into imposter syndrome here, and learn more about my previous speaking engagements here.

I have spoken at hundreds of live, pre-recorded, and virtual events. I have worked with small groups as well as a larger audience, both in the veterinary world and beyond.

This could be for you if you're looking to:

  • Improve confidence within your team

  • Inspire a high achieving workforce that also values themselves

  • Equip your team with tools to see imposter syndrome differently

  • Inspire your audience by having an award-winning speaker and coach visit

I always want to understand your audience (team, group), and any current perceived challenges and opportunities. This helps me to craft a session for you, including topics such as:

  • Imposter Syndrome

  • Self-Doubt & Self-Belief

  • Gratitude

  • Self Awareness

  • Embracing Authenticity

  • Creatine Inspiration

  • Working Under Pressure

  • Personal Branding

  • From ME to WE: Team Cultures and Imposter Thoughts

  • And more.

I have delivered sessions ranging in length from 20minute TED-style talks to whole day, interactive workshops and series.

I am passionate about tangible, actionable content and imposter syndrome workshops to help delegates to go home with a set of skills that can be used long term, as well as being trauma-informed to signpost additional support options.




"Definitely Katie Ford's session on Imposter Syndrome. It was a reality check for us all, and a reminder that we're all in this together. Our teamed walked away with a better understanding of each other, and a shared commitment to support and trust one another."

- Feedback from Alchemy Medical Writing Team

What's different about me?

Why choose me to be a part of your event?

I am real and authentic, whilst also incredibly knowledgeable and experienced. 

I can engage an audience. I refuse to do Death by Powerpoint - yes I use slides, but not to read out lists. I tell stories. I am memorable - having spent ten years as a veterinary surgeon certainly starts the conversation.

I have been there and done it. I reached the goals and felt no different; I had 27 letters after my name and Dr before it, yet none of them gave me me. I know there's another way and I live it. People feel that when I speak.

I consider everyone in the room. I am empathetic, trauma-informed and compassionate. 

I mix being relatable with science, evidence, and my expertise.

I have done this hundreds of times before.

I won an award for inspiring my entire profession, and have been nominated for many more.

Want some snippets of my speaking?

See some brief clips from when I spoke at VSGD Live 2.0 in October 2022, with kind thanks to Ebony Escalona from Vets Stay Go Diversify for her permission to share these. You'll see examples of opening keynotes, panel sessions and hosting.

how do I book?

Drop me an email and let's chat about your requirements, questions and aims.

let's chat investments

My speaking engagements generally start at 495GBP. Once I understand your needs and requirements, my team will provide a full quote.


I do a small number of pro-bono or discounted sessions per year. I am always happy to discuss and consider opportunities.

enquiry form

Have most of the details about your event and want to speed up the process? We've created an enquiry form here.

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