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Privacy Policy

On this website, data is both actively and passively collected, as with many websites. 

In signing up to the email list, we store your email address and name via our email server, ActiveCampaign. You can unsubscribe from this at any time, the information and link to do this is in all of the email communications which you receive. Email addresses are never sold or passed on to other companies for marketing against your consent. Our email communications are namely to provide information and education, and make you aware of new services and products.

Our website host (Wix) may track information such as IP address as part of security or cookie settings. Find more information about cookies at*. Here, you can learn how to delete and control the cookies that are stored, and more. Information on how to delete individual cookies can be found on your browser. *Note: As this is an external website, we cannot ensure its accuracy, completeness or availability.

We may also use affiliate links to sites such as Amazon, or via Clickbank when recommending products. This means that if purchases are made, a small commission may be earned following cookie tracking. We are proud to only recommend products that we have tried and trusted, and fees attained for links clicked are used towards website and business maintenance.

Full privacy policy:

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