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  • Katie Ford

Speaking at Anything Is Possible 2023 alongside some incredible names...

Anything Is Possible - Dr Katie Ford
Dr. Katie Ford on stage at Anything Is Possible, Manchester

How can we use journaling for confidence?

That was just what I had the pleasure of speaking about this weekend at a conference with Manifest author Roxie Nafousi, the High Performance Podcast boys and many more.

On Saturday I had a wonderful time in Manchester, sharing my expertise in journaling to show how we can utilise this powerful, reflective tool in building confidence at Anything Is Possible.

Let's never under-estimate what creating space from our thoughts can do. I have not only used and embraced this technique myself over the years, but I have completed further training to share this with others. I did this in the way I always do, with a beautiful mixture of science, compassion and authenticity.

What a beautiful space to run the session, and perfectly inkeeping with the topic too. Sofas, candles and chill? Shouldn't all conferences have this? I wish!

I loved every second of it. Thanks for all of the incredible feedback and questions.

Thank you to Holly Moore and the Anything Is Possible team for having me. Victoria Warehouse was a fantastic venue for this.

I truly believe now more than ever that Anything IS Possible. ❤️

If you want to chat about me speaking at your event, get in touch.

Will we see you at Anything Is Possible 2024?


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