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RCVS Inspiration Award 2023 - I can't believe it!

Dr. Katie Ford with the RCVS Inspiration Award 2023
Dr. Katie Ford with the RCVS Inspiration Award 2023

I'm incredibly honoured to receive the RCVS Inspiration Award today.

Of course, I'm sad that my complex back injury meant that I couldn't make it down to One St George Street live, but I appreciate all of the love, support, and understanding around this.

It looks like it was an outstanding day, I have been watching on the live stream.

We only have one body, so it's important to look after it; I dearly wish I could go back and tell myself this 10 years ago.

Huge congratulations to all of the fellow recipients - especially fellow Inspiration Laura Higham, and to my friends Mark Little, Legend Thurman and David Charles. So many inspiring talks from Melissa Donald, Matthew Rendle, Belinda Andrews-Jones, Bruce Fogle, and still so many more to come.

Thank you Claire Grigson for kindly (and sneakily) making this happen by nominating me, I hear that there were many others that gave supporting statements too - one day I'll find out who you all are. 😭 I love what we do at Vet Empowered.

The reason I was brave and started telling my story back in 2017 was that I never wanted anyone else to feel as alone and misunderstood as I did.

Yet at the time, nobody was talking.

I knew there was another way.

There is real power in vulnerability when used responsibly and with compassion. I never set out to build a business, or be called inspiring, become knowledgeable in this area, or be asked to speak across the globe... I just wanted to be real and remind people they were always valuable, regardless of what society may inadvertently teach us and regardless of things not going to plan.

For now, a huge thank you, not only to the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (RCVS) for choosing me to be their recipient - but to everyone else who has supported me along the way, especially Simon who has tirelessly looked after me in a very challenging few weeks of injury and running his own business too.

Dr. Katie Ford wins the RCVS Inspiration Award
Image Courtesy of the RCVS Livestream

What happened next was even more humbling, with over 65 creators posting online with a #raiseaglassforkatie caption to celebrate with me at home.

Just some of the incredible posts

And a few more


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