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  • Katie Ford

Can you believe I got to speak about imposter syndrome on the steps of the Titanic?

Titanic Vet Show
Simon Howard, Dan Tipney (VetLed) & Me

Titanic Vet Show - what an event to speak on imposter syndrome!

It was a privilege to be invited as one of the six speakers at the Inaugural Titanic Vet Show in Belfast last weekend. Seeing a conference focused on wellbeing, communication, and mental health was wonderful.

I spoke about "Five Imposter Narratives and How To Navigate them" - where I dived into Valerie Young's imposter syndrome archetypes and how we could start to understand them to find our own ways to navigate them.

How many times is your speaking stage a replica of the staircase of the Titanic?

Huge congratulations to Edwin Taylor, Jordan Orr, Hannah Richmond and team at The Vet Service for an incredible event in Belfast. You smashed it! Plus lots of funds raised for Vet Support, such a worthy cause.

I loved hearing from and connecting with fellow speakers Dr Des Rice, Lynn McKeown and Dan Tipney on Friday - so many golden threads throughout what we all said. From the importance of considering our nervous systems, connection and collaboration, to growth mindset, practice, patience and compassion.

I loved it.

Friday evening saw a black tie dinner, which was an evening not to forget - and definitely a birthday that will be in my memories forever.

I was sorry to miss Karl Bovenizer and Dermot McInerney speaking on Saturday morning, as our flights were brought forward, but I've heard fantastic things.

I had a blast speaking here, and thank you those attending for your wonderfully kind words about my talk; I had some really powerful conversations after my session, and I was really moved to hear what difference it made to you all.

I'm so grateful to be a part of this profession....and the community in Northern Ireland are one of my absolute favourite parts of it. What a kind, fun and welcoming group - my second time here.

Lynn McKeown, Dan Tipney and Katie Ford
Lynn McKeown, Dan Tipney and Katie Ford

The Titanic Exhibition Centre
The Titanic Exhibition Centre

Katie Ford Titanic Vet Show
Getting reading to speak!


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